What is lyophilization?

Lyophilization is a special process of low-temperature drying, which consists of rapid cooling of food to low temperatures and extraction of crystal-bound water. Lyophilization is based on deep freezing of water in the fruit followed by reducing the pressure and adding a large enough amount of heat to sublimate the frozen water in the fruit directly from the solid to the gaseous state.

After removing the water, all foods retain their taste, structure, color, aroma, nutritional value and, of course, all vitamins and minerals. The fruit also retains a 100% fruit content, without added sugar, preservatives or dyes. The process ensures an unlimited shelf life of food when properly stored in an airtight glass container.

Conventional drying methods, such as air, oven or spray drying, can drastically change the composition. Lyophilization drying, however, actually protects the biochemical and enzymatic composition of foods.

Lyophilized fruits and vegetables are categorized as functional foods called superfoods. These are foods that have a potentially positive effect on health over a basic diet. Which means that such foods promote optimal health and reduce the risk of developing modern-day diseases. These properties are extremely applicable for athletes, children in kindergartens and schools, the elderly, vegans, metabolites, vegetarians, diabetics, confectioners, cooks and honey farmers.

With a given lyophilization process, our products become extremely tasty and crunchy. We attach special importance to the latter, as it improves an already excellent snack. This is achieved by carefully managing the lyophilization process and properly storing the products. If the products were left in the air, they would get wet very quickly and lose all their crunchiness. With our help, you can treat yourself to fresh, healthy, home-made and crunchy fruit all year round!


  • preservation of shape, taste, color, aroma, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants,
  • maintaining chemical stability and biological activity of the substance,
  • porous product - rapid dissolution,
  • lyophilized products tolerate temperature changes well,
  • lyophilized products are much lighter than fresh frozen,
  • lyophilized products are suitable for all ages and diabetics.

Use of lyophilized food

Crispy dried (lyophilized) fruit is used directly from the packaging as a healthy diet.

It can be used for muesli and smoothie, which are a recommended and important part of a healthy diet.

With a combination of lyophilized fruit, water, lemon, sugar and various spices, we can make fresh fruit juices.

Freeze-dried fruit can be an ideal addition to pastries, cakes, desserts, ice cream, chocolate products, cereals, tea, yogurt, kefir, …

Lyophilization allows you to remove water from fruits and vegetables, so we can enrich them with honey, jams, creams, ice cream, which virtually contain more than 100% fruit.

Examples of lyophilized food

Rdeča pesa